Outstanding Achievement / Hall of Fame

The final event on the Big Bens Boxing annual calendar is our Christmas Dinner and Awards Presentation at The Cove Hotel. An award is presented to a boxer for Outstanding Achievement for the year. In addition, a boxer is inducted into the Big Bens Boxing Hall of Fame, in recognition of their achievements and/or contribution to the gym over several years.



Big Bens Boxing recognises the dedication and commitment of their boxers with the opportunity to participate in their Grading System in June and December of each year.
The Grading comprises a 3 hour exam, where the boxer is tested in a number of areas including sparring, pad work, strength and fitness, etc.
There are 7 Grades to achieve, with the first being Grade 1 (Red) and the final being Grade 7 (black). To achieve Grade 7 (black), it is expected that the boxer is or has been an accomplished amateur or professional boxer; or alternatively, has extensive boxing experience so as to complete the requirements of Boxing Victoria Level 1 Coaching Accreditation.