Big Ben's Timetable


Step 1: Text or email the sessions that you would like to attend for the upcoming week ( or 0419 118 976)

Step 2:  Wait for us to reply with which sessions you requested have been approved.

Step 3:  Once approved, please pay by direct credit to confirm your booking.  Sorry no refunds.

See you at training 🙂

Training Sessions


Boxing Technique, Fitness & Sparring

A beginner-intermediate class focusing on skill development and improving your fitness. No experience necessary.


Competition Boxing

Our Competition Boxing team includes some of Australia’s best professional and amateur boxers with international experience.


Youth Boxing

For children aged 8 to 13 years. Stay active, build self-confidence, and learn self-defence.


Some Useful Tips

1.  Please bring a bottle of water and a towel to classes.

2.  Please purchase your own boxing gloves for hygiene reasons. For boxers weighing 60kg and under, 12oz boxing gloves are suitable. For boxers weighing above 60kg, 16oz gloves are ideal. Rebel Sport sell a good range of gloves.

3.  As a precaution, we recommend bringing a mouthguard to class

4.  Boxing is a contact sport. All our classes involve physical contact. Before participating in our classes, you will be asked to sign a document “Warning and Acknowledgement of Risks, Injury and Obligations.” You should read this document carefully before signing, as we do not insure you for personal injury.